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Kingston Healthcare Solutions’ main goal is to educate and support our customers through the entire health insurance process including options, requirements, and necessary timelines.

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Dental: Vision: Hearing

Dental/Vision/Hearing: Original Medicare doesn’t cover preventive dental, vision, or hearing care. So you have to pay full price on your own when you visit a dentist, eye doctor, or audiologist. […]

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity Should you experience a hospital stay, traditional medical coverage provides benefits for medical costs during your stay. Once your hospital stay is over, you can rely on Hospital […]

Accident And Critical Care

Accident And Critical Care Traditional medical coverage provides benefits for certain medical costs when you suffer an accidental injury. Personal Accident insurance steps in to help pay for unexpected out-of-pocket […]

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug Coverage Medicare Part D provides coverage for prescriptions and some vaccines. Part D plans are offered by Private Insurance companies approved by Medicare. Choices vary depending on where […]

Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements: Original Medicare (Parts A&B) is provided by the federal government. It helps pay for hospital stays and physician visits, but it doesn’t cover everything. You […]

Under 65 ACA Healthcare Plans

Marketplace Insurance Individuals and families are eligible for Qualified Health Plans through a State or Federal Exchange, commonly referred to as a “Marketplace”. Pennie is PA’s official Health Marketplace and […]