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Kingston Healthcare Solutions’ main goal is to educate and support our customers through the entire health insurance process including options, requirements, and necessary timelines.

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Marketplace Insurance

Individuals and families are eligible for Qualified Health Plans through a State or Federal Exchange, commonly referred to as a “Marketplace”. Pennie is PA’s official Health Marketplace and the only link to financial savings to help lower monthly premiums and the cost of care. Over 90% of customers utilizing Pennie qualify for financial savings! With a little bit of household and financial information we can create your profile, shop, filter and enroll in a health plan that best fits your needs. * Not all Insurance carriers are available throughout Pennsylvania and with Pennie.

Short Term Health Insurance:

An alternative to the Marketplace, Short Term Health Coverage can provide a bridge for your next health insurance for a few months or as long as a year. Work directly with a nationally recognized brand of United Healthcare including a nearly national footprint with regularly expanding networks.
•Robust products of health coverage options for individuals and families.
•Programs are available for year-round enrollments with no “windows” to satisfy.